Shout into the void I Am Here! The void whispers back, Here am I. Overture – Evening Grace On the Roofs of Zion On the Roofs of Zion On the Roofs of Zion Moonlight gleams, liquid pearls, on waves of raven hair. There's hope yet in dry bones, and a breath of sea air...Indian Summer fruit of the tree fruit of the tree Come. Come on down. You don't get out enough these days. I get out plenty. But that's for work; it's really not the same. Fugato – Cantos
for Beulah fruit of the tree Born Drowning Born Drowning Born Drowning Besides, you're the muse. I just stir the stew; You choose what's in it – False Spring

Ty Bard has published three books of poetry. His fourth book of poetry is in production and scheduled for release next year.