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Born Drowning
Odes, Haiku, and other Lyric Poems

Readers of Ty Bard's previous volumes of poetry, On the Roofs of Zion – Poems after a Long Hiatus and the fruit of the tree (selected early poems) will find Born Drowning (Odes, Haiku, and other Lyric Poems) an exemplar of his finest work even as the poetic vision expands into an often more panoramic view. Written in a mere six month period, the volume displays a relatively consistent focus on a number of recurrent themes – truth, words, their power and proper use, and the origins, characteristics, and erosion of traditional Western art, culture, and civilization.

Enriched with a breadth and depth of thought, Born Drowning encompasses a variety of poetic genres and escorts readers through the broken, fragmented landscape of post-modernism to the well-springs of Western Tradition. Never forgetting that poetry is first and foremost aural art, Ty Bard reminds us of whence we came, who we were, and who, at our best, we are. Combining the ease and naturalness of free verse with rich rhythms, impeccable phrasing, and deft figures of speech, Born Drowning is a literary excursion worth the hike. For as Ty Bard would assert, although we may be born drowning, in the twilight of an age, even in that, there is beauty, there is truth, and, sometimes, the twain do meet. Certainly, they do so within these pages.